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环境种类 Atmosphere 着装要求 Attire Casual
停车免费 Free Parking 消费水准 Price
设有酒牌 LLBO 适合宴会 Group Functions
有否送餐 Deliver 适合小童 Kids Friendly
付款方式 Payment 凌晨营业 Open Late
超级划算 Cheap Eat 其它功能 Features

Many many years ago… in the Southern pampas of Brazil the "gauchos" roamed the land. For many years they cultivated their land and tended livestock. Each night brough massive bonfires for warmth and cooking their evening meal, and from these fires rose the traditions of the Churrasco or barbeque. The gauchos mastered the art of slowly cooking savory cuts of beef, chicken, pork and lamb on large skewers turned over the open flame. Guests were always welcomed to enjoy the succulent feast and dine until well satisfied.